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Burlington Portal Committee

I give feedback on navigation and content for Burlington's Employee Portal. As a committee we meet once per month and innovate new ideas and talk about what leaders like and dislike about the portal.

Burlington Credit Captain

Burlington's Region 5 Credit Captain. As a captain I help give best practices, discuss credit topics on weekly conference calls, send out credit metric results and call lower performing stores to give them support.

Burlington Boost Marketing Member

Brand Ambassador for Burlington Stores. Assist the Burlington Marketing Team and Career Team on boosting social media post.

Jake Scheideler is the General Manager for Burlington Stores in Grand Island,Nebraska.

I'm a relationship builder. That's why I fell in love with marketing and being a manager, it's all about how we relate to each other and what we feel a connection to. The tricky part is making sure that feeling is communicated in a way that engages everyone! Relationships move me forward. As they've grown stronger, I've found myself as a part of many teams and organizations where I've been able to connect and help with marketing, fundraising, and give great advice. Ultimately, it's these relationships that help me personally and professionally.

CHI Health St. Francis

Board Of Trustee: The St. Francis Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to support the work of St. Francis, whose mission is to encourage a healthy community by providing health education programs, informational services, and quality medical care without regard to race, religion, age, sex, or ability to pay. The purpose of the Foundation is to seek, acquire, and manage funds contributed from public and private sources to support those programs.

Grand Island - Hall County Crime Stoppers

Board Member: Help with fundraisers, events, and promote awareness for Crime Stoppers. We meet every other month to discuss topics, events, and fundraisers.

Grand Island Public Schools | Project Search

Business Advisory Council: My duties is to look for employment opportunities and provide expertise to the council and interns. Represent businesses that have inclusive hiring practices. Assist interns to increase their job search skills.
Jake Scheideler is a very dedicated store manager who works for his team. He is a great coach and like to develop his team to the next level. Jake understands the needs of his team and utilize it to help improve his store presentation. Jake is goal oriented manager and do everything to achieve those goals through this team.
I had the pleasure of partnering with Jakob at Sears. He was a role model in employee engagement and an advocate for the business. Jakob is very passionate about leading his team and setting a high standards. I was in a position to partner with Jakob on staffing, retention and succession planning. Jakob has a great understanding of how these key HR practices help to deliver on the profitability of his store. These are just some of the stand out behaviors of why I would recommend Jakob for any leadership role.
I was an indirect manager to Jake at Sears. I was always very pleased with how well he ran his store. He set a great example for his peers; which included 30 other Store Managers that I managed. I always admired Jake's care for his team. His passion for team development showed in everything that he did. I am very proud to have had Jake on a team that I have led. I know that he can, definitely, be a great leader to any team that he is given an assignment to. Because of this, I offer my highest level of recommendation on behalf of Jake.
Jakob exemplifies what a true leader is. He knows when is the time to be firm and the time to be compassionate. He has always lead by example and been a great role model to his staff. I have enjoyed partnering with him at Sears and hope to work with him again.
I worked with Jake for several years at Sears, he is a highly motivated leader that strives to be the best he can be. He is always open to feedback and adjusts to be a better leader. He is very detailed and a great communicator. He believes in a team atmosphere and people respond well to his leadership style. I would recommend Jake for any position.
I worked with Jakob as his assistant manager at Sears, Jakob is an excellent manager & mentor who strives to coach & develop his management team to be the best they can be. His passion for his job is so infectious & inspiring that it encourages his team to strive for perfection. Jakob has played a great role in my development as a leader & I cannot thank him enough for that. I would recommend Jakob for any position.